Margaret Anderson Schultz

Profile Updated: May 19, 2010
Residing In: Wylie, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Stan
Career history: retired
Children: Jim Schultz,born 1963 lives in Wausau WI single, but in a steady relationship. and getting Married Sept More…25, here in Wylie
Jill Schultz Crowe, was born in 1964, (51 weeks after Jim) she is married for 25yrs, to John, lives in Wylie W/2 kids, Lauren, 23, math teacher and Johnny, Jr 17, in High school.
We had a son, Joey, born in 1966, but passed away at age 7 weeks from SIDS
Military Service: U S ARMY (WAC)  

I Joined the Army in "61, met my husband, Stan in "62 in Orleans France, and married in Jan 63. I was in ordanence while in France and worked as a computer operator, reworking computer data as a keypunch operator, and I also learned to trace weather data on the computer. This was in 61 when the data was stored on reels in a huge room. Needless to say it was in the perimitive stages of what it is today. Didnt resemble the lap top at all.
I got out of service in 63 and we got stationed at Ft Leonardwood MO. Stan went to Nam 3 times, was in Korea and we went to Germany twice. We were also stationed in Ft Collins Co and Ft Carson Co. and Ft Leonardwood again. We were in Co for 7 years, and loved it. After Germany the second time, we were stationed in St Louis Mo. He retired after 25 yrs of service in 1984. We lived in Mattoon WI and Danbury Wi prior to moving to Texas in 1992, Love being retired and by the grandkids. Try to get back to Mpls every year as my Mom is there in an assisted living home. She is 94. We have been married for 47 years in January. Good decission on my part..;o) Producing 2 great kids and 2 fantastic grandkids is my mark on this earth.

School Story:

I went by Peggy all through school. I went to Hiawatha Elem. and Sanford Jr High. There are so many good (and bad) memories and as I tell the Grandkids, those were the REALLY good "ol days, and if there were ANY way to turn back the clock and they could experience what we did, they too would agree. Seems to me, things went wacky after JFK was assasinated.
I have been having flashbacks as I look at the names and read about the classmates. Wish there were more pictures from Graduation. My Sagamore was 'misplaced' somewhere along the way. Wish I coulld find it.
From the sounds of things, 1960 turned out some pretty remarkable kids. Oh to go back to those days when dope was a dummy and not a killer. Yea, those WERE the "REALLY" good ol days. Watching our grandson who is at the end of hishigh school days, (sr next year) I really wonder if I could get through it. It amazes me what the youngens are learning these days. Give me the 50s and early 60s any time.

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Happy Birthday Margaret !

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Happy Birthday Margaret....I think he bought you a new convertible !

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